Ohio CEUs - Continuing Education Units for Ohio Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Social Workers, Administrators and Activity Directors.

Design Your Own Educational Session!

Ohio CEUS offers customized training sessions for your staff that are both an economical and efficient way to meet the educational needs of your organization. You choose the time frame as well as the topics you want presented. Arrange for a one hour “Lunch and Learn”, a half day seminar or even a full day seminar. You can choose live courses that you know will best meet the needs of your staff. Below are samples of the courses we can offer:

Bariatrics – Managing the Obese Client – 2 CEUS
Body Language Basics- Tips and Techniques for Caregivers – 2 CEUS
Business Ethics - 1 CEU
Common Precautions for Health Care Professionals - 1 CEU
Conflict Resolution – 1.5 CEUS
Dealing with Difficult Employees - 3 CEUS
Do You Posses Super Powers - Ethics - 1 CEU
End of Life Care- 2 CEUS
Environmental Strategies for Cognitive Impairment – 3 CEUS
Establishing and Maintaining Ethical Professional Boundaries - 2 CEUS
Ethics - 1 CEU
Healthcare Customer Service - 2 CEUS
How to Conduct an Interview – 1.5 CEUS
How to Make Your Work Life Easier – 2 CEUS
If You Are Happy and You Know It - 1 CEU
Making Sense of Health Literacy 2 CEUS
Management of Medical Complexities - 3 CEUS
Obama Care - 1 CEU
OT Services for Those with Mental Illness in LTC – 3 CEUS
Overcoming Behavioral Barriers in Client Care - 3 CEUS
Progressive Discipline – 1.5 CEUS
Stress Management - 1.5 CEUS
Success Formula for Managers – 1.5 CEUS
Team Building – Creating a Dynamic Interdisciplinary Team – 2 CEUS

*CEU Events must be scheduled at least 60 days in advance for Therapies and Administrator CEUS, Social Work and Nursing require 30 days advanced notice.


  • CEUs that have been established:
    $150 per CEU for up to 15 people - $100 for each additional CEU and increases by $50 per 15 people. PT, OT, SLP and BENHA – an additional $125 each – need 45-60 days.

  • CEUs that needs to be created:
    Rates stay the same with an additional $50 / hr for the creation of such course.

  • Online CEUs for all nurses and SW in your building:
    Up to 20 employees. Limited to 2 specific days per month - $350 / month and $75 / month more for every 10 additional employees. Courses will be limited each month.
*Any food or refreshments provided are the responsibility of the organization.

Please contact us for more information

Select Ohio CEUs courses meet Ohio Board of Nursing education standards as stated in ORC 4723-14-05-A-6: Any of the following options may be used... A continuing education activity that has been approved by an agency that regulates a health care profession or discipline in Ohio or another jurisdiction.

Select Ohio CEUs courses meet Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology meets education standards as stated in ORC 4753-4-01-B-2: Continuing education hours may be earned in the following continuing education experiences... Any activity approved for continuing education hours in related disciplines by any licensure board of the state of Ohio or any other state.

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